South Burgundy is a countryside region that lives to the rhythm of the seasons. Its changing nature reveals and renews itself at every moment, offering ever-changing pleasures.

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With the first rays of sunshine, the vines wake up and the buds appear. The fields are bursting with colour. Nivéoles, crocuses and daffodils are showing off their petals.

The light is soft, warming the stone with its caresses.

It's the perfect time to dig out your hiking boots, grease up your rusty bicycles and take to the back roads.


Under the summer sun, the atmosphere is increasingly SOUTHERN. The stone shines, the light is bright, the heat is there and invites us to relax.

It's time to build up your Vitamin D! When the heatwave sets in, we take refuge in caves and cellars, or enjoy the pleasures of the water.

The evenings are warm and lively. All over the vineyards and villages, music is in full swing.


Mâcon Sud Bourgogne - Etienne Ramousse Pictures


Some will tell you that this is the best time of year to discover Burgundy! The light softens. The landscapes strike a pose. The vines are bathed in shimmering colours.


After the excitement of the harvest, the cellars open their doors to curious palates.

Mâcon Sud Bourgogne - Etienne Ramousse Pictures


The vines slowly fall asleep. A veil of fog settles over the countryside. The atmosphere is almost mystical.


As the festive season approaches, cellars and villages are lit up, and weekends come alive with Christmas markets. In Mâcon, the Contes et Lumières festival transports you into a world of enchantment.

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