At the southernmost tip of Burgundy, the Grand Site de Solutré Pouilly Vergisson is renowned for its remarkable heritage and landscapes. Its unique setting is marked by two superb escarpments at the foot of which lie a vast vineyard with famous vintages. A major hunting ground in the Palaeolithic era, it is also one of the world's leading archaeological sites. Finally, the Solutré Pouilly Vergisson Grand Site is also precious for the sensitive environments it shelters, now protected by a Natura 2000 classification.

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Breathtaking landscapes

The result of a rare geological phenomenon, the Solutré rock and its little sister, the Vergisson rock, stand sentinel over an imposing landscape.

Nicknamed the garden of the Mâconnais, the Solutré Pouilly Vergisson Grand Site covers 3,000 hectares of alternating deep valleys and steep cliffs. As you approach the site, your gaze is drawn first to the majestic rocks of Solutré and Vergisson, then to the aptly-named Mont Pouilly and its rounded curves, before wandering through the surrounding vineyards dotted with pretty villages built of local stone. From the top of these rocky promontories, you can admire a 360° panorama, with the Rhône, Ain and Mâconnais plains forming the backdrop. As soon as you enter the Grand Site, you'll be immediately caught up in the magic of the place.

Grand Site de Solutré Pouilly Vergisson

57,000 years of human history

A high place of prehistory, frequented by men for 57,000 years.

The presence of bones has always been known to the inhabitants of Solutré, but it was Adrien Arcelin, an erudite archaeologist from the Mâconnais region, who in the mid-19th century discovered what would become one of the most precious prehistoric sites in Europe.

A major archaeological site, it has been inhabited by man for over 57,000 years. The excavations that were carried out gave rise to the famous legend of the hunt for the abyss. Although the story has since been disproved, it is still very much alive in people's minds and has contributed to their fascination with the site.

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An exceptional terroir

The rocks of Solutré and Vergisson have given birth to the most prestigious wines of the Mâconnais, notably Pouilly Fuissé, 1er cru since 2020 for 17 of its climates.

In this grandiose landscape of the southern Mâconnais, vine-growing is omnipresent, shaping these lands for more than two millennia. The vines tumble down the slopes, flourishing on marl-limestone soils of Jurassic age. This excellent terroir, planted mainly with Chardonnay, has given rise to the famous Pouilly-Fuissé, classified as a Premier Cru since 2020, as well as the no less famous Cru Saint-Véran.

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A shelter for 40 protected species

The Solutré Pouilly Vergisson Grand Site is home to a specific environment, limestone grasslands that are home to a multitude of species of flora and fauna, including forty remarkable and rare species that are the subject of protection programmes.

These calcareous grasslands can be found on the slopes of the two rocks, Solutré and Vergisson, on Mont Pouilly, the Bois de Fée in Leynes and the Monsard in Bussières.

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A land for walkers

The Grand Site de France Solutré Pouilly Vergisson can be discovered on foot.

Eight freshly marked hiking trails offer loops to explore the site.

Walking is the best way to discover the Solutré Pouilly Vergisson Grand Site de France. It allows you to discover the site from different angles, while taking care not to damage it.

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A new climbing spot

The rocks of Solutré and Vergisson offer great routes for all levels of climber.

The slender shape of the Solutré rock catches the eye of climbers. They'll love climbing this limestone escarpment, which is a rare pinkish colour. It's an ideal place to discover rock climbing. The rock is solid and safe, allowing you to move forward in complete serenity and climb some pretty easy routes in the lead.

The Roche de Vergisson is another spot that is becoming increasingly popular with climbing enthusiasts. It offers more routes - about 120 - and longer ones. Beginners will easily find their holds in the dihedral passages and cracks of its fractured cliff. For the more experienced, more difficult routes have been equipped. Please note that some routes may be closed in spring to avoid disturbing the nesting of kestrels!

What is a Grand Site de France?

This is a label awarded by the French government to support the conservation work carried out by the managers of listed natural sites with a high profile and high visitor numbers. There are currently 51 Grands Sites de France, including the emblematic Pointe du Raz, Dune du Pilat, Mont Saint-Michel, Baie de Somme, Marais Poitevin, Pont du Gard, etc.

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